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what to eat by marion nestle

book review: what to eat

If the last food/nutrition/heatlh/wellness book I read hit me like a wet blanket, this was the antidote to it. Marion Nestle’s What to Eat: An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choices and Good Eating is a thoughtful guide to health claims on packaging, certifications, and what’s behind each major category of food item in American supermarkets. From much discussion of what it means to be “organic” to why all infant formula must be virtually the same, to the fact that “vegetable” oil is most likely “soybean” oil whenever we see it on shelf, I learned something new in each chapter, if not more frequently…and I’m someone that gravitates to toward these topics. Continue reading

Skinny Bitch

book review: skinny bitch

I remember when Skinny Bitch came out not long after I graduated from college. It was super hyped and its two authors, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, were all over the media. I just joined the library here in Portland, and this was one of the first books I took out (Don’t worry, I also took out a few others that wouldn’t make the fellow English majors and bookworms among you cringe. I’d never pay $ for this book but as a free read my curiosity won.). Continue reading


america wants YOU to get in the kitchen.

I was in NYC for a quick jaunt last week, and in the ~24 hours I was there I not only managed to hit the Guggenheim, walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and tour Park Slope, but I also spent a quality amount of time wandering the TriBeCa Whole Foods and the Union Square Greenmarket. I know it’s fairly common knowledge that both looking at and creating artwork is therapeutic and provides a host of positive, calming benefits — this might be weird, but I feel a similar sense of warm fuzzy when I wander through heaps of fresh produce. Same goes for salt water.


Union Square Greenmarket asparagus, NYC

Before I go on a tangent about my various happy places, back to food. Such close proximity to delicious, local produce inspires me to buy my weight in goods and spend the rest of the day on a cooking rampage…but then I remember that I live in a Boston shoebox where cooking (despite Mark Bittman’s best assurances that I can cook in a small kitchen, my current setup is too small for even his strongest encouragement) in any proper sense is sadly not possible. I make do with not subsisting on processed crap or takeout galore but there’s serious room for improvement in the realm of practicing what I preach with respect to taking more culinary control. Continue reading