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seeds for days: happy cat farm

On a recent work trip to Philadelphia, I was lucky enough to stay nearĀ Reading Terminal Market, a place I’d never visited in many a visit to the city. It was so fun to have in my backyard for a few days; anyone that knows me well knows I love a good market — farmer’s market, natural foods market, supermarket, you name it — and I’m the weirdo that likes to walk up and down the aisles to see what’s on shelf (…or what’s new if it’s a regular haunt. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t pack it in and go work at the Portland Whole Foods. I haven’t ruled it out.).

Anyway, Reading Terminal Market is awesome and includes everything from cheesesteaks to Amish women slinging fruit butters to green juice to cannoli. And in my meandering I came across the Fair Food Farmstand — and a wall of seeds from Happy Cat Farm. I recognize that this is a total case of judging a book (er, seed packet) by its cover, but for good reason. Just look at them! Continue reading


baltimore + farm to table.

Did Baltimore brunch at Woodberry Kitchen today. Best restaurant I’ve been to in months (apart from Primo in Rockland, Maine). I’ve been underwhelmed by DC’s supposedly fine dining lately, so hope this is the start of a turnaround…just wish it were a little closer than Baltimore. Love what they stand for and love even more that they deliver delicious food in an aesthetically inviting atmosphere.

Another bonus: the bathrooms are wallpapered with old issues of Gourmet.