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seeds for days: happy cat farm

On a recent work trip to Philadelphia, I was lucky enough to stay nearĀ Reading Terminal Market, a place I’d never visited in many a visit to the city. It was so fun to have in my backyard for a few days; anyone that knows me well knows I love a good market — farmer’s market, natural foods market, supermarket, you name it — and I’m the weirdo that likes to walk up and down the aisles to see what’s on shelf (…or what’s new if it’s a regular haunt. Sometimes I really wonder why I don’t pack it in and go work at the Portland Whole Foods. I haven’t ruled it out.).

Anyway, Reading Terminal Market is awesome and includes everything from cheesesteaks to Amish women slinging fruit butters to green juice to cannoli. And in my meandering I came across the Fair Food Farmstand — and a wall of seeds from Happy Cat Farm. I recognize that this is a total case of judging a book (er, seed packet) by its cover, but for good reason. Just look at them! Continue reading


mlk day of service.

Spent a cold morning picking up trash in one section of Rock Creek Park this morning. Our section featured a community garden and horse stable, along with a winding path along a creek. Beautiful in its own way, even in winter. Nice work to the person with the makeshift hothouse and winter kale.

Thanks to Rock Creek Conservancy for organizing.


This is only a small portion of what the group amassed. All of this is filled with one bag here, one can there — it adds up. And yes, that is a hubcap. Sad.