I grew up on Cape Cod, work in Boston, and live in Portland, Maine. Along the way I lived in DC for quite a while and Northwest Arkansas, too.

I’ve long been interested in sustainability and corporate responsibility, especially related to food policy and related issues. I’m not a health, nutrition or fitness professional, but I am what I’d call a pro communicator and content creator, which coupled with my amateur interest in health and wellness gives me at least one leg to stand on with respect to writing about what interests me…and perhaps interests you, too. I started writing here because I had things I wanted to say to others interested in these issues — but more importantly because I want to get smarter and more thoughtful by hearing your POV in return.

This blog is definitely not a cooking blog and not a chronicle of what I ate today, but there is talk of food I’ve eaten, cooked or just ogled, and I’ll tell you about organizations I support or things I believe. And on the right sidebar I’ve linked to food blogs and other places online where you can find people eating, cooking and sharing culinary wisdom, as well as unrelated sites that I otherwise want to share with you for one reason or another.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


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