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maine abstract art report: jenny prinn

Red Barn in Snow by Jenny PrinnI will write more about food things soon, but sometimes I will talk art. Like now. So heads up: Jenny Prinn is a delight of a Maine-based abstract artist (well, I don’t know for sure that she’s a delight…but I have to think a person that produces work like hers is nothing but a gem of a human. And she lives in coastal Maine. I’ll take my chances.). Check her out!

I’m not exactly bringing her into the light of day, as she already sells mainly via Serena & Lily and has received rave reviews on StyleCarrot, InStyle and elsewhere. But she came into my world recently while I was meandering through Instagram, and became quickly enamored with her color choices and ability to evoke emotions through simple shapes, textures and brushstrokes. There’s a more-than-first-meets-the-eye thing going on here that I’m into, and hopefully a few of you are, too.

I love to follow people more creative than I am on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, since it’s generally a lot more inspiring than a feed full of #catsofinstagram or selfies, both of which I’m OK with but like most things wouldn’t want ad nauseum. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Before I go too off-topic, here’s Jenny’s bio and statement on the Serena & Lily site:

Echo 1 by Jenny PrinnJenny Prinn is an artist living and painting on the coast of Maine. She is intrigued by the fleeting moments and feelings in life that are often overlooked or forgotten. She’s not interested in recording the big events but, rather the small pulsing, transient moments and sensations that strike deep within our core for just a moment and then are gone. By working a canvas over the course of days and weeks she begins to capture the essence and electricity of these moments through the exploration of color, shape, texture and line. 

I hope to see her work in person (I wonder if she gives studio tours?!) and include one of her works in a collection I’d like to say I’m building but can’t honestly say has quite hit ground zero yet.

Buy some damn art! And go to Jenny’s website on May 15 where she’ll be selling even more of her own work.


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