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tim van campen: an architect’s artist

It’s one of life’s mysteries how in some families certain talents pass from one generation to the next, while in others the offspring are woefully inept compared to mom or dad. The Van Campen family is one of those lucky clans where both parents are artists and the two apples (Molly and Greta, as it were) didn’t fall far from the tree, whose patriarch is Tim Van Campen. Continue reading

Jenny Prinn | Maine Artist | Confections 1

maine abstract art report: jenny prinn

Red Barn in Snow by Jenny PrinnI will write more about food things soon, but sometimes I will talk art. Like now. So heads up: Jenny Prinn is a delight of a Maine-based abstract artist (well, I don’t know for sure that she’s a delight…but I have to think a person that produces work like hers is nothing but a gem of a human. And she lives in coastal Maine. I’ll take my chances.). Check her out! Continue reading