it’s (FINALLY) spring.

spring in BostonHappy spring. Winter was a long one, no? I for one not only went into a bit of a hibernation with respect to the blog (oops) but also with life in general…but it’s hard not to burrow a little deeper under the covers when winter persists as it has this year. In my defense, I *did* do my fair share of braving the cold and experiencing the great outdoors (I like my sanity, and cabin fever is a disease best kept at a distance), though I’m quite happy to see green things pushing their way out of the ground today. This year more than others I feel like I really earned my spring and summer sunshine; now let’s just hope it’s a banner year in the good weather department and we’ll ride out 2014 a-OK.

The seasonal change to spring brings yet another feeling of new beginnings, but this is different than the fresh start vibes that accompany back-to-school time or January 1. Spring calls for new life more than other points in the year, and even though it’s my least favorite season I’ll be happy for this moment to think about things not starting anew, but starting from ground zero.

In the spirit of new things, here are some previously not-in-my-feedly-feed blogs I found over the past few months that are worth sharing (and if they really prove their mettle, maybe they’ll make it to my blogroll if they haven’t already? I know, I know, The anticipation is really killing you.):

  • Grace Atwood of Stripes & Sequins – who is also coincidentally from Cape Cod, so she gets extra gold stars – lives in NYC but went on a short but relaxing (and WARM) trip to the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico. I want to go (see aforementioned commentary on this year’s all-too-recent Siberian winter) asap.
  • Lindsay Souza of The Pursuit of Style reminds me of my past life in DC with her regular ‘Doors of DC‘ features (don’t put away those gold stars yet – she’s from Cape Cod, too) and other nation’s capital comings and goings.
  • Sarah Dussault of Sarah Fit (not from Cape Cod but definitely logs some serious time there) gives me great ideas about what’s going on in the fitness world in Boston, but also shares healthy recipe ideas, including her take on the delicious ginger sauce from Cambridge’s Life Alive Cafe. Thank you x1000.
  • Serena Wolf of Domesticate Me serves up solid recipe ideas – including this root vegetable salad that my dear friend, Amo, made for a girls’ dinner – but I sometimes wonder if Serena’s way of writing is the real reason I read this hilarious blog that also includes a ‘Dude Diet‘ (and for the record, she goes to Maine and not the Cape, lest you think I’m totally biased to my stomping grounds).

Spring has sprung! Get your read on, shake off the dust, scrape off the rust, and be happy you can feel your toes again.



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