labor day: sponsored by andy goldsworthy.


We’re on the front end of the Labor Day long weekend. How did that happen? The nature of summer in New England is such that we’re all a little more weekend warrior-ish than normal this time of year, but I think I’ve felt that accelerated summer feeling even more this year since it’s my first year spending a summer – easing into it from spring, existing in the full of it (and its humidity…ug), and drifting out of it as the days get shorter – in this part of the world in nearly 10 (!) years. And it feels so good. Fall is upon us, which this year brings Andy Goldsworthy into my head.

Am I also thinking about things dying and the ephemera of it all? Maybe a little bit, becausesand_edged_to_catch_early_light of the season as well as some recent events. Cheerful, I know. But rest assured, I’m still an optimist. And while I’m thinking about the height of the growing season winding down, I’ve also got that back-to-school feeling where I want to buy new pencils, dust off my backpack and reinvent myself a little bit for the year to come. Be a little bit better than last year’s version. The year starts in January, yes, but there’s a 12-month clock that starts at Labor Day for me, too (there’s also a State of the Robin Union I also take at my birthday in July…not sure what it means but it is what it is).

If you’ve never heard of Andy Goldsworthy, take a peek at his work and see if it does anything for you. It’s in and of nature and natural elements and I find it more interesting and meaningful to me as I get older.

I’ll once again be roving New England (destination: Cape Cod) this weekend. Hope you’re getting out of Dodge (or Boston, or DC, or NYC…), too.


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