contemporary art report.

Let’s interrupt our regularly scheduled blog programming (whatever that is ) for an religious_experienceart moment.

*dramatic pause*

In that spell of silence, I rustled up for you Mr. Adam Belt. I believe it was Amy Meier’s Instagram that pointed me to this creative wonder, and I’m so thankful for the injection of inspiration.

convergenceAbove, I like the title almost as much as the work itself: “A Religious Experience.”

And to the left – “Convergence” – makes me think first about beach erosion, and second about how sad it’d be if the beach included concrete blocks. I find it beautiful in a way that surprises me, because I don’t tend to gravitate toward imagery that is at all industrial (which I know is an oversimplification here but I’ll let it stand. It’s my blog and I do what I want.)

Last, “A Hole is a Thing in a Hole it is Not.” Looks like quite a setup and vaguely reminiscenta_thing_is_a_hole_it_is_not of some nocturnal shots from this art star I blogged about for her poetry selection skills.


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