this is your brain on vegetables.


The Boston Globe Magazine published a profile of this guy. Aside from sporting a rockin’ mustache Angus King would be jealous of, Walter Willett is a nutrition crusader of the first degree — so of course I’m buying what he’s selling. Mr. Willett is the Frederick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. Oh, and he’s Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Your classic underachiever.

He’s a little more Puritan than I’d like to live — but his wife, though similarly health-minded, lets loose a bit more, which is refreshing. Everyone needs a little chocolate now and then, even if your diet is 95% green juice (and mine certainly is not).

I bring WW into the blog picture because I like his no-nonsense approach. He’s not about quick fixes or fads but about keeping it simple. Unprocessed. Unfiltered. Think he has good rules to live by from a nutrition standpoint, but also from a general life POV, too. So read up on Walter Willett, the most-often-cited nutritionist in the world. Yes, the world.


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