love + salt water.


My adventurous friends, Clare and Drew, got married over the weekend in Calistoga, CA, up in the Napa hills. To say it was enchanting is an understatement. One of the highlights for me (aside from the wine and food, let’s be honest) was learning of the poem below, found and later read by Gillian Bostock during the ceremony.


by Denise Levertov

Fluttering strips of paper strung on cord
tied to the ship’s rail.
Each inscribed.
Read them:
‘How deep the waves’ blue!’
‘How bright the foam!’
‘Wind and light
sparkle together!’
‘How the sea’s plumage
preens itself!’
These are prayers.
To celebrate,
not to beseech.
Among them, leaning
toward the water, we voyage
are voyaged, seeing.
We share among us
the depth of day, are borne
through it
swiftly as arcs of spray.
Salt glitters
on our lips,
on ruffled paper. Soon
the words will fly on their torn strips
beyond vision.
       Silent, smiling, receiving
joyfully what we are given
we utter
each to each
our absolute presence.

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