my friends are cooler than me.


Fact: my friends are cooler (and smarter, more talented, prettier, funnier, etc.) than me (note: for the grammar nerds who are thinking, “shouldn’t this be ‘than I am,'” read this). That’s largely because I don’t hang out with people who are stupid, ignorant, or otherwise inconsiderate ingrates. I think I’ve become even more stringent with this filter over the past year or so. Life is too short, so why not seek out the people who make us better.

Rising to the foamy, creamy top of the friend speed dial is Rachel Holmes Kelly — designer extraordinaire and most famously, my freshman year college roommate (thank you x1,000,000, ORL). I mean, check her out. Feast your beady little eyes on Exhibit A: designpunch studio.

She makes prints. She designs all kinds of spaces and places. She is my design star and if I had a castle with a moat, she would be given the keys to every last room.
And perhaps most importantly, she is from South Carolina (with a strong Maine streak, but she’s a Dixie darling).

Is it possible to be thankful for creativity? For art? For great ideas? Not sure if gratitude is the right emotion but I feel something to that end for people whose brains fire on different cylinders than mine.


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