going mental.


[source: Mike Monteiro @20×200]

Some days I find it more important than other days to remember that: a) we all have dirty laundry; and b) we’re all a little bonkers to one degree or another. Trying to pretend otherwise is just wrong. Repressing and suppressing and projecting and all of those other -ing things just sound ugly…and they are. Life is beautiful and full of joy and happiness, but it’s also rife with storms and what I’ll call ‘the bad stuff.’ However, I maintain that it is net positive. Just need to be aware enough to work through the mud to get to the cream, and things will turn out OK.

Moving on. Lately I’ve gravitated toward stories that focus on how the mind works and deals with life’s twists and turns: biographies, mental health articles, self-help trends (see recent NYT story about Valium and ‘new normal’; this is fodder for a whole ‘nother post but I’ll save it). And art! Like the image above. I’m usually more of a fiction girl but I have to say, life seems so much more interesting right now.

Last, if interested in watching someone in mental anguish — or hearing a newish hipster tune — check out this Grizzly Bear video of what appears to be a younger, more innocent Tonya Harding-esque flower. She has a temper tantrum (or breakdown) of epic proportion at the end. Very becoming.


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