Monthly Archives: August 2012

getting arty.

It’s Friday — and the Friday before a long weekend, no less. So why not get a little arty? I deserve it.

Behold: Alex Katz. He’s either having a moment, or my brain started picking up on his frequency, because I’ve been seeing his work pop up enough to make me notice it. Notice it I did…and it is good. Great. Has a quality a bit like the work of another Maine-minded artist (and friend!), Greta Van Campen.

Neither here nor there, but Colby College holds the largest collection of his work, which might be the one and only reason to venture to Waterville.

He has a range of work that knocks my socks off. Here’s a sampler:


[source: alex katz archive]

in a mood.

This seems appropriate. Maybe because Labor Day is threateningly close? Or maybe not…

[source: WRDBNR @society6]

Here’s another end of summer gift. I did some salt water somersaulting last weekend and this ran through my head:


For the three of you that read this blog, you’ve probably noticed the link to goodreads at the top of the page. Such a great tool. If you haven’t clicked on it, go there now and you’ll see a level of nerdiness that knows no bounds.

I have a personal page there that lists books I’ve read and what I thought of them, more or less. I haven’t done this with every book; I only started writing reviews a couple of years ago. Part of the reason I do it is to jog my own memory about what I thought of a book. I generally have a pretty good memory, but for some reason it seems my brain can only hold a finite number of books, so I often forget the details of stories other people can recall with no trouble. Annoying, to say the least.

Go read a book. And tell me what you thought about it.


[source: joy st. claire @society6]

twittering + tinkering.

Played around with a couple of potential twitter background design changes this morning, accompanied by an Arkansas throwback of mine. Took both of these shots on the Cape this summer — the first at Inaho and the second on a Chatham driveway (clam shells!). It’s amazing to me the difference in what we consider productive on the weekend vs. to the Monday-to-Friday hustle.

No complaints here; can’t say every weekend slows down, but I think it’s a healthy change of pace when it happens.