cig harvey: check her out.

Saw the Cig Harvey photo below in the back of a recent Whole Living magazine, and immediately had to learn more. When I graduated from college, jobless and directionless, I often said that I felt like I’d plunged off a diving board into an empty swimming pool. On the cusp of 30, something about this photo speaks perhaps to where I am now:


Turns out she lives in Boston and Maine (I still find it weird that I am drawn to people that have what I guess is a New England aesthetic and find out later they are connected to home) and has a portfolio of other images I love. Take a gander via the link at the top of the page.

AND to my even greater surprise, she did a year of covers for Maine Magazine: including the two images below.



I feel like I just serendipitously connected some dots this morning. Maybe it’s a little St. Patrick’s Day luck kicking in a day late (but not a dollar short)?



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