arkansas: design within reach.


[photo: library of congress]

There are more than a few developments down in Northwest Arkansas that look something like this, with a little more land (but similarly few trees):


[photo: wikipedia]

It’s depressing. I know this isn’t endemic to this region alone — sadly, these tract houses are almost everywhere now. I don’t need to live in a palace, I just want a house that I can identify even if the numbers weren’t on it and the street names disappeared. Is that too much to ask?

Enter Mark Zweig.


[photos: mark zweig]

This man and his firm are singlehandedly transforming Fayetteville, one house at a time. He’s not the only one with an eye for design and individualized homes in this area — but he’s one of the few standouts and I love what he is doing. Take some time to surf his site.

Of course I like this guy’s style — he lived in Massachusetts for several years and renovated a few homes there. Read that on his website after seeing his projects and le soleil se leve (Sidenote: I had a French teacher in high school who, when he could see the “a-HA” light bulb of realization flip on in a student, would say, “Le soleil se leve a Marblehead!” But I digress).


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