ozark yoga = not an oxymoron


[photo: yoga life style]

Surprise! There is yoga in Northwest Arkansas, and quite a lot of it for a community this size. While much of this state is horribly unhealthy and economically poor, development in NWA is on fire and with it brings some of the amenities you’d expect in your everyday suburbia or your run of the mill college town (Note: I realize yoga should not be dependent on income but it’s true that most of rural America has yet to come around to this logic).


[photo: snerq yoga]

My personal hero is Krista DeBuhr of Snerq Yoga. Based in Clarksville, another, much smaller college town — home of the University of the Ozarks (yes, my dears, there is such a thing as a private liberal arts college not based in New England) — Krista comes to Fayetteville every Sunday and teaches a class I’d happily attend in NYC. There’s something about this year that has increased my focus and made yoga so much more fulfilling than it ever used to be. I’m sure part of it is Krista, but I’m also confident a lot of it has to do with my head going 1000 mph all day, every day and needing someone to forcibly slow it down.

There is also a class called ‘Hollywood’ that I heart and try to get to when I am here — Brittany Allison developed it and now there are a few others that carry on her tradition.

It’s not because of a lack of classes that i don’t try more of these fun activities; the issue is that all of the classes are either in the middle of the day or far too early in the evening (you get out of work in time to make a 5pm class, really? If so, then I hate you.)

There should be a series developed on The Real Housewives of Northwest Arkansas.



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