washington, dc: my haircut comes with what?


[photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/franola/]

I will write about Washington, DC, but will try not to bore you with political rants or your run of the mill tourist info you can find anywhere else.

On 1812 1/2 11th Street, NW, for example, there is a row house with an unusual entry awning. The sign reads “S & M Beauty Salon” and the front window, door and yard offer no further information or explanation. The row house itself is just far enough away from the U Street commercial district that I think it is: a) like The Wonderland Ballroom in that it’s just an edgier, underground speakeasy sort of place in a more residential area; b) a home whose residents love the irony of the sign, which could very well have been Steve & Mary’s Beauty Salon back in the 1970s; or c) it is a truly off the grid, more-than-edgy-in-a-way-I-don’t-need-to-know beauty salon, bar, dominatrix abode, or other deviant establishment. You are picking up what I am putting down.

Walking by it at night, its red walls with black and white trim in the entry area are clear. After that, it’s up to my imagination (and yours). The strangest thing about it is that I can find *zero* legitimate online breadcrumb trail for it. The sensationalist in me wants to jump right to Option C in the abovementioned choices, but the realist in me thinks it’s either A or B since it’s not in the crime reports in the Washington Post Metro section. If it were A, though, the blogs would have mentioned it at least a few times and there is nothing. NOTHING.

What the heck is it?


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