greta paints america.


My friend, Greta Van Campen, came into my life with a reputation that long preceeded our official introduction. When we finally met, she was an even better version of herself than I could have imagined she’d be. And she is so talented! Sometimes I just look at her artwork and marvel at the way it evokes a place or a thing with such simplicity and precision.

Thanks to a Kickstarter spark, she’s on a quest to cover all 50 states this year and next and she’s blogging her travels. 

She’s already done a show in San Francisco and has another one at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine starting September 30 and running through October 28. Go go go. If I could find a way to teleport myself there, I’d do it.

She even came to Arkansas! Here’s a little intersection about a block or so from where I live:


She is a star and I can’t wait for more of the world to meet her and her work. 


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