weekend edition: fayetteville, arkansas.


The other day I gave an overview of the Northwest Arkansas region, but today I’m talking specifically about Fayetteville, home base to the University of Arkansas. It has some of the qualities of its broader surroundings, but on the whole is funkier and tinged with a laid back feeling that sets it apart from Bentonville and Rogers, just down the road.

Played around with Instagram and in the process, snapped a few shots downtown and at BHK Kafe, which shares space with Nightbird Books, an awesomely independent and wonderful book store on Dickson Street, the main drag.

Had a nice little Saturday morning that I’d be happy to have anywhere. Went up to the farmers’ market and wandered around the little town square, watching the mix of families, rescue dogs for adoption, college kids playing music and vendors selling their wares of produce and crafts. This store — The Mustache — recently opened and is a welcome addition and a good example of this town’s personality. I love imagining simultaneous scenes like this happening all over the country.

Over and out from Fay-town.



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