brand: northwest arkansas.

I am a marketeer who loves brands, so sometimes I think about how I’d brand a place or experience — or how I agree or disagree with a brand’s positioning + purpose.
So I wrote a while back in another forum about what defines Maine as a brand. Now that I’ve logged some time in The Natural State, let’s talk about Arkansas. And specifically, let’s talk about Northwest Arkansas, which should probably be its own separatist colony a la Quebec and Canada. Place is inexplicable to anyone I try to explain it to from the outside world…but I will try.
There are those of you that consider this “the middle of nowhere.” Then there are those of you who believe this to be America’s best kept secret. And of course, there are the rest of us who can’t quite figure out what is going on here.

Unfortunately for XNA (going with airport call letters), their board of tourism does not have quite the gem of a state to play with as those Yankee lobsterman do. But of course, I am biased. Wearing rose colored glasses, the role of XNA Chamber of Commerce Doyenne will be played by yours truly. 

Words and phrases that define XNA:

Ozark Mountains

cows next to strip malls

granite countertops and track housing

beater pickup trucks + shiny SUVs

Real Housewives of Benton County

“does your mommy/daddy work at Walmart, too?”

30% alcohol tax


college town


sorority girls in BMWs

fast food mecca

lawn flamingos for sale in every color

I’ve been told this place should be annexed and named East Texas.

Signing off from Tejas del Este.
This post doesn’t begin to explain the region, but girl’s gotta start somewhere.

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