kansas city: underpromise. overdeliver.


Breaking news to the coastal folk in the crowd: Kansas City, MO is a *real* city. Just spent some time there and was so impressed. First-class museums, statdiums, range of great restaurants, skyline, cool neighborhoods, young parents with hip tattoos, solid shopping district, interesting architecture.

Takes driving 4 hours straight north through corn, corn and more corn to get there — but boy is it worth it.

Brief regional geography lesson:

Northwest Arkansas = “mid-south” (yes, I too had neer heard of “mid-south” before moving here. It sounds weird to me as well.)

Kansas City = firmly “mid-west”

Was amusing to see that while only a few hours away, Kansas City wants clear differentiation from its cousin to the south.

And last, there is BOTH a Kansas City, KS and a Kansas City, MO.

Today’s lesson complete.

One major highlight was The City Market, a big farmers’ market near the river north of downtown. Open air, live music, even a Middle Eastern grocer mixed in with fresh produce, bubble tea, Italian specialty imports and a limeade-shilling food truck. Mmmm.


[photo: www.davidkoneil.com]

Did you know that you can be a public market consultant when you grow up?! Found this in my internet wandering when reading up on on KC’s market. Image gallery worth a look. David O’Neil has managed to do this and the KC market is on his list of project, along with some of my other market favorites around the country. 




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